Collect With Me?

I am relatively new to this collecting thing… at least with baseball cards. Sure, I collected a few when I was a kid (What little Spanish kid didn’t?), but I traded those babies in for Barbie dolls. And while I did have other hobbies, such as Beanie Babies and stamps, nothing is as cool as baseball cards.

For the last year or so, I have been busting wax with my husband, and while I enjoyed opening the shiny wrappers and giving my little players nicknames (i.e., surfer boy, misshaped head guy, etc.) I never really thought of what I was doing as collecting. It was really more of a way for me to spend time with my husband. So now, I have decided to collect a couple of players of my own, and maybe with time I will take a prospect under my wing, but for now I stick to Derek Jeter(<3) and one of my Marlins, Hanley Ramirez.

My collection is pretty small right now, but is quickly growing and with time will be HUGE; and like my husband, I want every single card ever produced by these players… even the not so flattering ones.

I have about 19 Jeter cards, including a sexy game used and two refractors. I also have about 16 Hanley cards, including a Goudey auto received through a trade.

My Dereks 🙂

My Hanleys 🙂

Keep checking out my page to see any new additions, and if any of you guys have any Jeter’s or Hanley’s laying around… you know what to do! 😉


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  1. Nice, clean scans! Now…..give me my Hanley cards back!

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