Jeter’s are a girl’s best friend!

Now, this may not be true in most girl’s cases. It usually takes a box of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, or a beautifully cut diamond to get to a girl’s heart; and while those things are rather nice… the way to my heart would be any of the Jeter’s pictured below. I am at the point where I would do ALMOST anything for a Jeter auto. I have a few base cards, a refractor, a game used… and no matter how hard I search, an auto is never at arms length for me. The ones I do find on Ebay are always $60+, and while to most that may be a reasonable price… let’s face it, people. I am a mom and a wife… 95% of my cash goes to diapers and boxes of wax to feed my husband’s addiction. For now, I will keep dreaming of a beautiful Jeter auto….
I know that none of you would know this, but I was just interrupted from my blog writing and shown something absolutely amazing. When I started writing this, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted…. Now, I want THIS.

Autos I really wanted BEFORE I paid a visit to Beckett: Official Jeter Collectors Thread:


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One response to “Jeter’s are a girl’s best friend!

  1. That SPx is awesome! I don’t like Jeter but I’d trade for it.

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