So, you’re a chick and you collect baseball cards….

Recently, I keep getting asked the question, “What is it like to be a female collector?”. I can’t imagine it being much different, aside from the raised eyebrows when I ask for the newest box of wax or all the heads turned when I walk into the local comic shop where I get my cards from. I think as a female collector I get more satisfaction knowing I can hang with the guys and talk wax. It’s also really fun to get these Dungeon and Dragons geeks going when I walk in the room. But generally, collecting isn’t really much different for me than a guy. I still get teased by my friends for being more into Jeter cards than the newest Coach bag.
I guess the main difference between me and a male collector(aside from the obvious) is the type of attention I receive for collecting; and I really don’t mind it. It’s flattering.
Let’s face it, I’m still a girl! I still love to shop, jewelry, flowers, and I definately love a good manicure and pedicure.

I’m just a girl that likes to think outside of the box. πŸ™‚



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2 responses to “So, you’re a chick and you collect baseball cards….

  1. Those are some nice Liriano cards that I was supposed to trade for a Jeter but the guy changed his mind.

    Nice pic, but you should have used better cards!


    QUEER!!!!!!!! 😑

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