How It All Began….

I have always been a big fan of baseball. I collected a bit as a child, nothing too serious, but I did have a shoe box full of cards that I one day threw away when Barbie’s became the new IT thing for me. As I grew older, I traded my Barbie’s in for a pair of kleets and a glove. For most of my middle school and high school career, I played softball and I LOVED it.
I guess baseball has always been a part of my life in one way or another; whether it was prominent or just lurking in the background, it was always there.
When I met my husband, I began going to more Marlins games than I had ever been to or even seen! It was always an amazing experience for me, being part of the crowd was sensational. I am all about atmosphere.
It wasn’t until just last year, however, that collecting was once again introduced to me. It was entered into as a husband and wife hobby; a different way to spend time together. And over time, we have developed our own individual collections.
While it’s still something we do together, I like being able to call those Hanley’s and Jeter’s my own.
So, why did I get back into collecting?
The answer is simple. I just wanted to feel like a kid again.


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