The Jeter of My Dreams

When I first saw this card on Ebay, I nearly pee’d myself. It’s not his most special card or his most expensive, but I think it’s beautiful, so naturally… I want it. It’s a 2007 UD Masterpieces ‘Captured on Canvas’ game used  jersey. There was one up for bid for 9.99, but my paypal was running a bit low, and  so I couldn’t bid on it.  The bidding ended., and that sexy card  is still not mine.
So, this morning out of curiosity, I decided to do a search for the very same card. There was a card listed in pristine condition, but at 24.95, a bit out of my price range. Then I saw it, like someone had posted it just for ME. ❤ The beautiful card, starting bid 0.99.
How could I pass that up? I quickly click on the link, and as I am about to enter my maximum bid, I notice in the photo that the card is flawed. There is a huge crease going through the jersey. Whether it’s UD’s fault or the moron selling it on Ebay, I don’t care. I would do a lot of things for this card, but I want it to be perfect and I will not settle for less.
So, for now… I will keep searching.

If anyone has this card and is willing to trade, please check out my bucket. Thanks. 🙂

I really like how they did an angled shot to attempt to disguise the crease….


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