The Newest Addition

Last night, after an incredibly stressful and strenuous day, I walked in the door of my home at quarter to 8:00pm. I was exhausted, both physically and emotionally drained; I was angry, miserable, and NOTHING, not even my beloved husband, could put a smile on this face. I walked over to the desk and plopped down in front of the computer to check my online banking. “Babe, can you get me a pen from the drawer?” I responded with a snarl. “Why can’t you just get it yourself?” Even though I was pretty rude about it, he was persistent. “You are right in front of it, I can’t reach.” With a mocking look on my face. “Fine.”
I reach into the drawer and, “GASP!” It was a reaction both stronger and louder than the one Mike, from the comic shop, received! Turns out, while surfing Ebay a week ago, looking for the next Canseco or Andrew Miller to add to his collection, he stumbled upon this card and thought of me. He sacrificed the latest Mexi-stash Canseco card and decided to add to my collection.
I would have posted last night, put all the excitement got me more exhausted and I passed out sometime after receiving the card.

So, everyone… I would like to introduce and welcome the most recent member of my Derek Jeter family…. The 2007 Topps Finest: Finest Moment refractor.



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2 responses to “The Newest Addition

  1. Why in the heck does it say “Disputed Dinger”?

  2. Joe

    That must refer to when that kid leaned over the fence and “caught” a home run ball in the playoffs against the Orioles. The kid later signed with the Yankees and might still be pitching in the minors for them.

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