Bonds wants perjury charges dismissed?

Barry Bonds’ attorneys have filed a motion in federal court to have the perjury charges against him dismissed. The charges stem from Bonds allegedly lying to a grand jury about his use of performance-enhancing drugs in December 2003. Bonds claims that questions poised to him by prosecutors were ambiguous and confusing. Prosecutors asked Bonds several times whether personal trainer Greg Anderson supplied him with performance-enhancing drugs beginning in 2000, and Bonds answered “no” or “not at all.” However, his lawyers claim that the questions were “frequently imprecise.” The indictment cites 19 different examples of Bonds’ alleged lying. The judge is scheduled to hear Bonds’ lawyers on February 29.

Jesus. Talk about lame. First he thought he could get away with taking steroids and now he thinks he can get away with lying about it while under oath. That’s ridiculous. I hated Bonds before and now I hate him even more. I loathe him. You know, I once had the displeasure of meeting him, sort of. It was August 17th 2007, my birthday. I had gotten free Marlins tickets from my job and ironically enough we were playing steroid boy’s team The San Francisco Giants. My husband and I showed up to the stadium 2 hours before the gates even opened, hoping that we could catch a glimpse of all the players practicing… and of course show off a wonderful steroid tribute poster I had made just for Barry. Sadly, I no longer have a photo of my beautiful poster, but let me give you a brief description…. Asterisk 756, syringe.

We waited outside for over an hour before they let us in, and I ran my little butt all the way to the field just to see who I would be able to meet. Barry Zito and Omar Vizquel were incredibly kind. They waved, said hello, and even signed autographs. But then Bonds arrogantly walked by and I yelled out his named. He didn’t even look at me, or anyone else that wanted his attention. He simply walked into the dug out. We called out to him a few times, but nothing. Now, some of you may think that this is newly gained arrogance, but oh no! Do not be fooled! He has always been like this and worse. Maybe he always thought he was allowed to be this way simply because he is Willie Mays godson and a distant cousin of Reggie Jackson. Correction, Mr. Bonds! You’re not allowed to be a prick simply because you are related to some one. Why couldn’t this guy just wave, say hello, sign a few autographs, or even smile for goodness sake?

Well, Mr. Bonds, I am glad you are getting your just desserts. I hope you rot in jail, if only for a little while. Say hi to Bubba for me!



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5 responses to “Bonds wants perjury charges dismissed?

  1. I had the displeasure of sending him fan mail and a card to autograph back in 1990. The card and letter were returned unopened with stamps of no such address and return to sender. I had sent it to the Pittsburgh Pirates c/o Barry Bonds. I knew it was a crock, even when I was a young teen.

  2. Man, that’s ridiculous. We are the ones that are getting these guys paid and they don’t even pay attention to the fans. If we didn’t attend the games or collect their cards or purchase their team gear, they wouldn’t exist. It makes me so upset.

  3. So let me get this straight, you don’t like Bonds?

    Sadly enough when I was younger and dumber I collected his cards for a couple of years. I found them the other day and wondered to myself, what I should do with them. I thought about having a burning and taking pictures and posting them to my blog. I have two little boys that are just starting to show an interest in baseball cards. I decided against burning and will save them for the boys. Hopefully when they are big enough to understand, they will want to burn them with me. 🙂 They are all about Big Papi so I don’t think I will have to worry about either one being a Bonds fan.

  4. new edition

    There’s another hit Barry Bond. I like Barry. There abosolutely no proof or witnesses against him, yet psycho ‘roid beast like Clemens and many others get a free ride with proof, testimony, and witnesses against them. That is why I consider hypocitically golden bouy loving sport fans like you cowards with no moral backing. My son or my daughter blah, blah, blah what a crock. Barry Bond was deem a bad guy back in 1990 ’cause he allegely hit his “white” wife at the time which she herself amditted was false and merely a divorce ploy. So, I like the guy for putting up with your hatemogering for all these years with poise and dignity. And to jeff your not gonna burn that barry bonds card ’cause it might be worth alot of money some day, so cut the holier than thou crap! Oh i’m going to save it so my children’s children can burn it,.. please!!

  5. You are definitely entitled to your opinion, just please don’t make me feel like I have to kiss Barry’s ass because you do. Thanks. 🙂

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