Lame Saturday

I was a bit hopeful that my package would arrive today, and knowing that the mail always comes around noon on Saturdays, I sat in front of the clock and anticipated the clock striking twelve. As soon as that minute and hour hand met on the 12, I got my little heiny up and ran outside to the mailbox. I slowly cracked it open and saw nothing. The mail was late today. I decided to give it some more time, a half hour passed and I glanced out the window… nothing. Another half hour… still nothing. Another hour had passed and it was 2:00pm and I decided to give it another shot. I sprinted out to the mailbox, nearly tripping on a piece of my chipped driveway, just to see if my Jeters and Hanleys have made their way home. This time when I reached my destination, I swung the mailbox open and ALAS! The mail had arrived! I quickly snagged the goods and ran inside my home clutching the envelopes, like a squirrel hoarding it’s nuts. I went through all the envelopes. Bill, bill, bill, coupon, political announcement, bill, credit offer, and… bill? Where were my cards?! I was definitely disappointed, but even more pissed, not at whitesoxcards, but at the lame post office staff that had probably forgotten to put my envelope with today’s mail and figured it would be okay if it was delivered on Monday. No harm done right? WRONG DAVIE POST OFFICE! Damn you for postponing my joy! I wish I had whitesox luck because for some reason, whenever we do a trade, he gets his next day! I guess someone at my local post office has something against The Infamous Tatiana….



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3 responses to “Lame Saturday

  1. Oh come on! What a guilt trip you are laying on Steve. Have patience, it will get there any day now. Cute pic, BTW.

  2. I didn’t mean to. 😥
    I just hate our post office. I know it’s the damned post office and not him. Maybe Monday? 😀

  3. whitesoxcards

    I’m sure it’s the Florida post office workers taking their sweet time enjoying the sunny weather, while the Illinois post office workers just want to hurry up and get back in a nice warm place. Nice photo. That may score you more cards in our next trade.

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