True Soul Mates

When I met my husband, I knew that he would be the man that I would one day marry and the man that would father my children. I knew that I would stand by him through thick and thin. I knew that we could make it through anything. I knew that he was my soul mate.  However, I didn’t know that in our baseball card collecting we would have found a Derek Jeter to his Jose Canseco. I know this sounds ridiculous and a bit bizarre, but tonight as we did our “date night”, which took place at a Hobby Store more than 30 miles away from our home, we found a 1996 Leaf Preferred Derek Jeter card. This brand was produced for many years, but this was the one and only year they decided to manufacture select cards made of metal. Mario had a metal Jose Canseco insert and on this night, we found our match.
My theory of our being soul mates has proven true. We work together, we struggle together, we collect together, and now together we have our two idols on matching cards.

Mario insisted that I remove my protective film from my card, but
it had been put on there for a reason and has been on there for over a decade
I wasn’t about to remove something that has been there for so long.


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4 responses to “True Soul Mates

  1. My God…..they look awesome next to each other.

    P.S – I still say it looks better without the protective film!

  2. I didn’t realize it until now, but in the first scan, it looks like poor Jeter is running away from Canseco’s roid rage!

  3. I say leave it on. By the way, I have been searching through my old boxes and have a handful of Jeter cards that are yours if you want them. Got a few Cansecos if you think the hubby might like them. Just let me know where to send them and I will get them in the mail.

  4. whitesoxcards

    Those are better than matching wedding rings. That’s a true symbol of commitment.

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