Saturday’s New Additions

I spent the majority of my weekend cleaning, being mommy, and paying bills, but not all of my weekend was bad. When Mario and I have time and can afford it, we do a date night, which normally occurs on Saturdays. So, this passed Saturday evening, our date night was held at a nice little hobby store far north from home, named Brad’s cards. We were on a hunt for Caseco’s, Miller’s, and best of all Jeter’s. 🙂
We were quite successful in our findings. So successful, in fact, that I had to place more than 15 cards on hold because I ran out of cash!!! I got quite a handful of cards, including a 1996 Leaf Preferred Derek Jeter, featured in my True Soul Mates blog.

Pictured above:
1992 Topps Draft Pick
1992 Score Select
2001 Fleer #’d 236/1000
1996 Upperdeck Rock Solid
2005 Diamond Kings
2000 Topps Chrome
2001 Topps Finest
1996 Leaf Preferred
2000 Upperdeck 2k Plus


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11 responses to “Saturday’s New Additions

  1. Nice cards. I have two of the draft picks you could have had. Let me know. I have 15-20 Jeter and Canseco cards you guys can have.

  2. Where do you want them sent. They are all yours.

  3. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
    Do you have the postal address to WaxHeaven?

  4. No. Is it on the site?

  5. Email me and I will provide you with it. 🙂
    You are so awesome!!!!

  6. Email sent. Just like helping out other collectors.

  7. Just wrote ya with the info. Wow. This is SO appreciated. I’m speechless. Thanks so much! 🙂

  8. They are in the mail and you are welcome. Just glad I could help.

  9. That’s very nice of you, Jeff. I am sure Tatiana will send you something in return to thank you for the favor.

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