EBay Shopping Spree!

Alright, so last night I went a little crazy. I was online searching the net and I wanted to check on the status of I card I have been watching… and things went a little crazy from there. Watching one card led to another… and I began to bid… and then… I did the worst possible thing. “BUY IT NOW”. At such low prices, this was my downfall…. It wasn’t the cards itself. The most expensive was about 2.00, it was the shipping that killed me. By next week I should have received all my Ebay cards and this is what I will be the proud owner of:

1996 Fleer Metal Universe
2000 Metal Hitting Machines Die Cut
2000 Flair
1996 Topps Laser
1996 SPX
1997 Pinnacle Certified


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3 responses to “EBay Shopping Spree!

  1. Not cool. You didn’t even give me credit for telling you what were the “cool” brands of the 90’s. 😦

  2. Yep, you have to watch that shipping and handling. You may want to check out Sportlots for some of the more common Jeters. If you find one dealer with several that you need you can save some real dough.

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