MAIL DAY Pt. 2!!!:New Additions

After another long and exhausting day yesterday, I went to go pick up my son from grandma’s only to have him push my face and tell me “Buh-bye!”. Grandma and grandpa LOVED that and my son ended up spending the night with grandma and he was happy, but I was pretty heart broken. I then came home to a grumpy and hungry Mario, which only added to my sadness. Until… I saw the HUGE package waiting on the counter top! My frown was instantly turned upside down, and with very good reason! Check out the new goodies!

2003 Topps Total
2000 Victory
2000 Stat Leaders Checklist
2002 Victory
2000 Victory Big Play
2005 Upperdeck
2007 Topps
 2003 Victory
2003 Topps
1999 Sports Illustrated
2006 Topps All Stars
1998 Topps
 I am definitely excited and grateful. Hopefully, I will get more cards in the mail tomorrow and on Saturday. How sweet would that be?

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