You feeling lucky?

This evening, while trying to be sweet by surprising my husband with a few packs from Target, we discovered it was possible to get lucky and pull a game used with out feeling up on cards and cheating. In a 2007 Turkey Red retail pack, we pulled an amazingly beautiful Andrew Miller game used jersey. Not only that, but I scored another Jeter! Now, I didn’t have to fluff or finger my packs, I just simply walked down the aisle and grabbed one pack of each brand. Goudey, Turkey,  Bowman Heritage, etc…. I came home and expected nothing. I just wanted to show Mario that I was thinking of him, and it was more rewarding because I was surprised and I felt like I had earned that card by not being a scum bag and “pack searching”. Pack searching… to each his own. Let’s leave it at that.
It was like playing Texas Hold ‘Em and I had a REALLY good hand. It felt good to see that card come out tonight. Along with this card, there were a few other favorites, including a couple of favorites from Garbage Pail Kids, Series 7.  This was a pretty groovy evening for me and let’s just say I’ll be paying a few more visits to Target sometime soon. 😉

Wow. Just… wow.

I LOVE this brand. The crown die cut is hot.

Ty DEE KNOT<3 Totally my wedding photo 😉
Britney Shears…. yeah, that’s about right.


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2 responses to “You feeling lucky?

  1. Congrats on the Pulls.

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