Eli Manning: Previously The NFL’s Underdog, Now A Super Bowl Champion

I’ve never been much of a football fan. Heck, if I ever watched a game it was for the booze and food, and as far as the Super Bowl, it was the commercials that really did it for me; but lately my husband has been listening to a lot of sports talk radio (DAMNED 790 THE TICKET!) and he really wanted to watch the Super Bowl this year. So, I headed off to the store, bought some burgers, nachos, booze, and slapped on my game face. I was excited for all the commercials and for the half time performance, which was pretty groovy this year, may I add. If you asked me before today who I wanted to win, I would’ve said, “I don’t know. Football is gay.”, but I actually kind of like it now(will never replace my love for baseball). Now, when people asked Mario who he thought would win and he replied, “The Giants.” everyone thought he was nuts!
You see, it wasn’t until after Mario explained to me WHY he wanted to watch the game and why he wanted the Giants to win that I was actually really interested. Mario has always be a proud supporter of the ‘underdog’ and the ‘loser’. So, naturally, he favored Eli Manning. For those of you that don’t know, Eli Manning is the younger brother of Peyton Manning, quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Coming into his career a few years after Peyton, he has always stood in his brother’s shadow and has always been considered less than what was necessary to be as good as ‘Golden Boy” Peyton.
This evening, many people’s minds have been changed about the opinion they once held. After an incredibly close 4th quarter, and after my ass cheeks finally loosened up, Eli proved to everyone that he was just as good as his older brother, if not better. Congratulations, Eli. You really deserve it.

In honor of this astonishing win,
I am going to snag a couple of Eli cards for a new little collection. 🙂

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One response to “Eli Manning: Previously The NFL’s Underdog, Now A Super Bowl Champion

  1. Having graduated from the University of Tennessee I am a huge Peyton Manning fan. It’s a law here in Tennessee. I was pulling for the Giants last night because 1) I dislike the Patriots and 2) Eli is Peyton’s little brother and 3) I like to pull for the underdog when I don’t have a team in it. I was very happy to see the Giants pull it off. Eli still has a long way to go to be as good a quarterback as Peyton but last night, he took a step closer.

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