MAIL DAY! Newest Additions

Well everyone, it’s that time again! Mail day!!! These newest additions are from Saturday’s mail delivery. I received one beautiful card from Ebay and a few awesome cards from On Base Autos. A couple were duplicates, but I got 4 brand new cards to add to my collection; AND I found a Jeter checklist hidden amongst our commons box! I now have 54 Jeter cards! 🙂
A special thanks to On Base Autos for donating those cards to benefit my collection, as well as a few Cansecos for my husband over at WaxHeaven. You are amazing Jeff and we have a little something to send out as a little thanks to you! We hope you enjoy it!
Now, the reveal!

The EBay card: 1996 Fleer Metal Universe
2004 Diamond Pro Sigs
2000 SPX
1995 Topps Future Star
1995 Fleer
2007 Upperdeck Series 2 Checklist
I should be receiving a few more packages next week and I will keep you posted as my collection continues to grow.
If you are ever interested in trading, please visit our bucket to see if there is anything that strikes your interest. 🙂

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One response to “MAIL DAY! Newest Additions

  1. Glad the cards made it but you don’t have to send anything in return. I am just glad that you didn’t have a few of them. I have been going through some other boxes and have found some more Cansecos and Jeters. I will get them in the mail sometime this week.

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