Rudy Giuliani- A Boston Red Sox Fan?

That’s what it looks like now due to a Topps card that was released ysterday! About one in every 70 packs includes a picture of the former New York City mayor, fist raised in victory, celebrating with the Boston Red Sox on the field after their World Series win.
Doesn’t seem real, but needn’t worry my Yankee fans! It’s just a little editing magic.

Why would Topps do such a thing?! It turns out, as most of you know, Topps did something similar a year ago, inserting President Bush into the stands and Mickey Mantle into the dugout in the background of Derek Jeter’s card and in October, Giuliani did alienate some New York fans by declaring he was rooting for Boston in the World Series and Topps ran with the idea.

“We took that and thought it would make for a funny card, since the Red Sox won,” said Clay Luraschi, baseball brand manager for The Topps Co. “We thought, let’s put him in the championship dog pile.”

Now, to get both of those cards into my collection…. 🙂


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