New Additions: EBay Shopping Spree!

Getting out of work today, I was exhausted. It seems like that is the case every day, and rightly so. My job is tough. Accounts receivables may not sound too challenging, but dealing with arrogant salesmen and demanding customers is definitely something that not most people would want to do all day. So, I get out of work at 5:00pm and then I have to go pick up my son, whom just began the ‘Terrible Two’s’. I know this is going to be fun, because after a hellish day at work, I want to smother myself with an overly clingy and frustrated baby boy. I pick up my son from grandma’s, feed him and give him a bath because he REEKS of the daycare he attends. It’s quarter to 7, and after nearly passing out on my parents couch while my son, London, watches Thomas the Train and plays with one of his Cars, I decide it’s time to head home.
Mario and I pull in the drive way at almost the exact same time. We have both had tiring and longs days, and we find ourselves struggling to get to the front door because we are so exhausted. We get inside and I start with dinner, while London continues to reap havoc. The last thing on either of our minds is… THE MAIL!! We had forgotten all about the mail! Mario rushed outside to the mailbox and snagged all the packaged goods. Sure, we got the crappy stuff: bills, neighborhood newsletters, advertisements, BUT we also got FIVE packages. One for my husband and FOUR for me. 🙂
At that point, I decided that dinner could wait and I ran over to our recliner and sat down with London and opened my new Jeters. London had a big grin on his face, but you could tell that he was curious as to why mommy had a bunch of pieces of cardboard with some weird guy pictured on it that wasn’t daddy. While all of my cards came from Ebay, I was still very pleased. Mario opened his package and added 3 new Canseco cards to his collection. We’ve both had a pretty good evening. 😀

The New Additions:
1996 SPX
1996 Topps Laser
2002 Fleer
1997 Donruss Studio

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One response to “New Additions: EBay Shopping Spree!

  1. Beautiful cards, almost as nice as my new Jose’s!
    Keep getting your singles!

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