Addicted To Ebay

That’s it everyone. It’s official. The Infamous Tatiana has a serious addiction and it is by far worse than being addicted to heroin; because while Ebay and heroin both rob you of your money, heroin eventually kills you and puts you out of your misery. Ebay just gets you into debt and drags you even further into debt until one day, you are drowned in every baseball card that you have ever wanted, but at the same time are drowned in bills, you are unemployed, and your family has left you. I suppose most would just kill themselves at this point in the game.
I haven’t gotten there quite yet, thank God, but unless I slow things down a bit, you will be reading my obituary from Wax Heaven on any given Sunday.
As of late, I have been checking Ebay on a regular basis. Name any time oustide the 8 hours that I am at work, and you will find me on Ebay searching for a Derek Jeter auto that I can ACTUALLY afford; and the only reason that I am not on the site at work is because my company has it blocked because of people like me! As a matter of a fact, while I am typing up this post, I am actually switching in between screens every couple of minutes checking on a Jeter lot that I am bidding on. Am I proving my own point, or what?!
I find myself watching practically every card I find, which isn’t so bad, but eventually it will lead to bidding, like kissing leads to sex. I have even found myself instinctively bidding on any card that is the card of “my dreams”. It’s insanity. I even have Ebay amnesia now! I entered a bid a good 25min ago and 5 min after the fact, I hadn’t even realized I had done so.
I guess I’ll be pulling a Kirsten Dunst soon! Wish me luck!

PS- I won the Ebay 21 Derek Jeter card lot for only $7.50, plus shipping! Not too shabby!
I’m done bidding for tonight. I promise. I hope….


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