Lady Luck Is NOT On My Side

After an exhausting week, I came home on Friday to a load of new Jeter cards in the mail from none other than Cardboard Junkie. It was definitely a kind gesture and was greatly appreciated. So, I went on to scan my Jeters’ and safely tuck them away into my binder, but by the time I went to write my blog to show my gratitude, I was exhausted and about to pass out. I figured it would be fine to post them the next day after Fan Fest, so I left my JPEG scans in a little corner of the desktop. I should have known better….
The next day, Fan Fest was AMAZING; and when we came home, as exhausted as I was, I was still looking forward to the mail. I came inside and rested on the bed while Mario went to the mailbox to retrieve the goods. I had THREE packages!! Two were purchases from Ebay, but one was a lovely gift from On Base Autos. I immediately ran to the computer to scan my newest cards, but I was reminded by Mario that I needed to hurry and just scan them so that he could work on his Fan Fest post. I told him I would just scan them when he was finished because I didn’t want to feel rushed, and well one thing led to another. He posted his blog, I wrote a 1500 word essay about my Marlin’s Fan Fest experience, and once again… I knocked out. So this morning, I was determined to scan all my cards and thank Jeff and DayF.
I fed London and let him watch the Disney Channel while I worked on my post. I scanned my newest cards, finally, and then I went to upload the ones from Friday…. But wait! They weren’t were I left them. It’s okay, though, I have learned from the past that Mario is obsessive compulsive and anything that is out of place he will just take and through it in the recycle bin. I clicked into the recycle bin and everything was… GONE!  My heart sank and depression set in. DAMN MARIO’S OCD! DAMN IT TO HELL!
Sure, I could rescan most of the cards given to me by Cardboard Junkie, but I couldn’t rescan the one thing that really put a huge grin on my face. It was a 1993 UD Top Prospect of Derek Jeter that had written on it (over the team bag, of course) “Hands off! These are for Tatiana!” I loved it because he had written it inside of a thought bubble coming from Derek’s mouth. And now, that image was gone. 😦
I scanned the rest of my cards, but I was too sad to post. I decided to get London and myself ready and join my parents for their anniversary lunch at ‘The Knife’, a totally groovy Argentinean buffet-style restaurant. I had a few glasses of wine, the depression subsided, and I was now ready to write my post. So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the introduction to the newest additions(sorry if I am forgetting any…):

2001 Stadium Club(The ‘OH’ face card!)
2001 Topps Gallery
2005 ESPN
2006 Topps Heritage
1993 UD Top Prospect
2000 UD Ovation
2000 UD Most Wanted
2001 UD Vintage

1993 Classic Best Gold
1996 Pinnacle

1996 UNO cards 🙂
1997 UD Collector’s Choice
1994 Upperdeck
1998 Pinnacle
2000 Hit Machines

1997 UD Collector’s Choice
1997 Pinnacle
2007 Topps Classic Combo
1996 Pinnacle Score
1996 Sport Flix

Here is my remake of the original, just to give you a taste. Jeter looks pretty pissed now!

I now have a total of 85 Jeter cards! Thanks to all of you that have contributed to my collection! 



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3 responses to “Lady Luck Is NOT On My Side

  1. Glad that they got there and there was a few you didn’t have. I will keep digging.

  2. You are totally awesome. 🙂

    Our little thank you package should reach you by Wednesday. ❤

  3. Dang, I knew I should have scanned that Jeter. I’m glad my cardtoon made you smile though!

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