My Last Chance

Last month, I wrote a blog about the Jeter of my dreams, and while I would still very much like to add this card to my collection, I found another that I would love so much more. A few weeks ago, while browsing Ebay, this card caught my eye. It is exactly like the card of my dreams except for one minor difference. The patch used in this card has a pinstripe. I would now love to have both of these cards in my collection, resting side my side in my pages. For some reason, however, it is almost impossible to get the pinstripe Masterpieces. There is always one or two gray jerseys to choose from at any given time, but I have only seen two pinstripe in 3 weeks. I attempted to bid on one, and was beat terribly to the point of no return… and the other, I watched it and then thanks to the ‘real world’, I completely forgot it existed. This evening, while browsing for any new Jeter’s, Canseco’s, or Miller’s, I found this beautiful card once more. I vow to get it this time. No being outbid, no being distracted…. This card HAS to be mine.
Third times the charm, right?


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