I Officially Hate Kids… and Upper Deck.

Okay, so call me a selfish little brat, but if there was ever anyone out in this world that deserved to meet, participate in a batting clinic, have lunch with and be photographed with Derek Jeter, it would be me. I have always been a fan of Jeter. It all started out in the 8th grade when I saw his photograph on the cover of a magazine on my teacher’s desk. Back then it was just teenage lust, but now I admire him in every shape, way, and form.
If I had known about the UD1 Scoreboard Challenge promotion cards starting last year, and if I was seven… I could have won this contest, but instead some girl and a few other rug rats won.
I can’t even afford a damned Jeter auto on Ebay and these lucky little kids get to spend the day with the guy! It’s just not fair, I tell you!
Excuse the rant, but I have never been so jealous! At least I get to see him play against the Marlins. Maybe I’ll get to meet him there, right? 🙂

Anyhow, congrats to the kids that won this awesome prize. It’s a blessing, an honor, and definitely a privilege to be able to spend the day with Derek Jeter. I hope that they really enjoyed it.

I should have been one of those kids!

Lucky little….



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3 responses to “I Officially Hate Kids… and Upper Deck.

  1. Rab

    If you want to meet him, why don’t you go up to Tampa for Spring Training. If you go when they are working out, or really early before a game, they are really accessible. Not sure where you live, or if you are willing to take that 3-4 hour trip, but it’s a suggestion.

  2. That actually is a really good suggestion, but sadly money is beyond tight right now, so I may have to pass. Unless you wanna take me!!!! 😉

    I live in Cooper City, so it’s about a 4 hour trip. Totally worth it, but practically impossible. 😦

  3. Thanks for the advice Rab. We are actually going to one Spring Training game, the Marlins vs. Yankees.

    I am not a Jeter fan but will go to support Tatiana.

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