Posting Put On Hold?

That’s right everyone. The Infamous Tatiana is taking a small break from posting… maybe for a day… maybe two. There is a lot going on in this crazy little life right now, and sadly not even a book full of Derek Jeter cards would make me happy, but I’m not stopping anyone from trying. 😉
I want to take this time to thank everyone who has sent me out cards, linked to me, been an avid reader, who has left comments, or who has even just stopped by my page to check it out. I really appreciate it, it means the world to me.
But current events in my life have left me feeling rather depressed, and rather than let it show in every blog I write, I have decided to try to sort things out and then come back to where I belong, the wonderful world of baseball card blogs!
Please have patience with me everyone. I’ll be back soon.

Thanks. 🙂

Hint- This pic may have something to do with my next blog after I return. 😉



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2 responses to “Posting Put On Hold?

  1. As long as you are not going to switch over the the Mets I will read your posts . . . . Go Phightins !!

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