It’s Finally Mine!

The 2007 Derek Jeter UpperDeck Masterpieces game used with a pinstripe is finally mine! Well, kind of. I haven’t received it through the mail yet, but I did pay for it on the 13th, so maybe by next Tuesday I will have what was supposed to be my second game used with a pinstripe. I say it was supposed to be the second because two weeks ago I won this awesome card, did immediate payment, and I still have not received the card. Lucky for this guy, he has not yet experienced the wrath of the Infamous Tatiana, but if that card isn’t in my hands by Monday, he is gonna regret getting in between my Jeter and I!!! I am trying to remain patient, but I have had some bad luck with Ebay in the past. The seller claims he mailed it, but at this point, I am wishing I just drove up to Virginia to pick up the damn card myself!
Anyhow, I will keep you  posted on the arrival of both of these cards.  I am super excited to have them both in my collection. Hopefully, I won’t get screwed over like I once did while buying my son powder formula. I lost $200.00 that day.
If worse comes to worse, I can open a dispute… but I really want that card. 😦

Keep you fingers crossed for me!





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4 responses to “It’s Finally Mine!

  1. Does the mail run on Monday? Both are great looking cards. Thanks again for the Ortiz cards and the Tatiana card.

  2. DAMN! You’re right. No mail on Monday…. fine. He has until Tuesday, then. 😦
    Glad you liked the cards, hope I didn’t get you in trouble with the 1/1. 😦

  3. No, my wife is cool. She thinks most of my hobbies are crazy anyways so nothing surprises her anymore.

  4. Good, I’m glad! Did you get a chance to scan it yet? I saw you scanned the Big Papi cards. I’m really happy your boys liked them. 🙂

    You got lucky with that 1/1. It’s the only one out there signed with silver ink. Ultra valuable. 😉

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