Don Mossi: The Big Eared Ball Player

The other day, Mario came home with a “gift” for me. What I expected to be more Jeter cards, turned out to be a ‘Tiger Twirlers’ Frank Lary, Don Mossi, and Jim Bunning card from the 50’s. “Who are these guys?” I asked. Turns out, Mario just bought me the card because he thought I would like the funny ears on Don Mossi. While I would have preferred a bunch more Jeters, he was right, I did giggle at the site of the real life Dumbo.

Donald Louis Mossi, nicknamed ‘Ears’, was born in St. Helena, CA on January 11, 1929. He began playing ball at an early age, like most talented players, and was signed with the Cleveland Indians right after high school. He was a left handed control pitcher, whose strike out to walk ratio was regular amongst the league leaders. He was given a spot in the Indians bullpen for the 1954 season. His major league debut came on April 17th of that year during an 8-1 loss to the Chicago White Sox. Mossi helped lead his team to the World Series that year. It was also the only World Series Mossi ever played in.
Don Mossi retired in 1965 with a career earned run average of 3.43, 101 wins, and 50 saves.

Don Mossi, my big eared Tiger.



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2 responses to “Don Mossi: The Big Eared Ball Player

  1. Great post. There is an entry on Don Mossi in the Baseball Card Flipping, Trading and Bubblegum Book in which the authors refer to him as having “loving cup ears” and “the dark hulking presence of one newly dead or resurrected.”

  2. I looked through 4 dollar bins for Yogi and this is the best I could find.

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