My Encounter With Mr. Ozzie Canseco

I always thought that if I ever met Derek Jeter, I would be completely cool and calm. My feelings about that changed once I met Ozzie Canseco yesterday evening at a local softball game. I never expected to have been so terrified to meet a man that I knew nothing about, aside from the fact that he was Jose Canseco’s brother.
We arrived yesterday evening at a beautiful field. The weather was something that I could normally handle, but considering I had a fever, I was shaking in my boots. We watched as Mr.Canseco warmed up with his team. We snapped a few thousand photos, which he probably noticed right away. We were the damned paparazzi!
We had about 3 minutes before the game was to begin and it was time to make our approach. I’m not sure if it was the weather or my nerves, but when it came time to approach Ozzie, I turned into a prepubescent ‘NSYNC fan. I completely lost my cool. I am normally an incredibly outgoing person, especially with strangers, which sometimes gets me in trouble; but for some reason, at this moment in time, I was a complete introvert. I slowly and cautiously approached him. Perhaps it was the cold weather, or the 1/2 bottle of cough medicine I chugged before arriving at the game, but I think I confused Ozzie for Jose, perhaps leading me to my terrified state of mind. It was almost like I was scared that he would tell me to piss off. I expected arrogance and anger and instead we got kindness and appreciation. I wish I could have said more than 3 words to him, but my mind we blank as soon as he turned to face us. Maybe next time? I hope so….

Yeah, whatever… it was cold. And now, I have pneumonia.


It’s amazing how his appearance hasn’t changed one bit in all these years!

Gettin’ ready for the game.

Showing off our freshly signed cards.
PS- Damn you, Brian! You are taking the card I like! 😡



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2 responses to “My Encounter With Mr. Ozzie Canseco

  1. Brian

    okay. there are waaay too many collectors named Brian…. I got really excited for a minute before realization set in….

  2. Sorry man, I didn’t know….I plan on going next week to see him play a few innings but I won’t ask for anything. I will probably just practice my sports photography.

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