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Jeter At The Plate

Weren’t at the game? Well, here is your chance to view my Jeter swinging for the Yankees. He didn’t hit any homers, but he also didn’t suck, despite how hard Miller tried. 🙂


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Friday Night Baseball

Meeting your idol, or not meeting for that matter, could make or break your impression of that person. On Friday, March 28th, I had the chance to meet my idol, Derek Jeter. Sadly, he didn’t give anyone the time of day. I don’t like him any less, but I did wish that he was more like Giambi. Giambi posed for photos and signed autos for what seemed like 30min. Regardless, Derek Jeter still stands as being my number 1 and my collection will continue to grow. And who knows, I’m still incredibly young, maybe I will get to meet him one day.
All that being said, Friday’s game was AMAZING. I sported my Yankee jersey, as did a good 5,000 others; and to make things clear, I don’t like the team, just select players. I’ll always be a Marlin girl. Mario and I showed up to the game a tad bit early, but when denied entrance through the main gate, we snuck in through the employee entrance. No, I wasn’t scared. >:'(
We attempted, numerous times, to get to the field to watch both teams practice and warm up; but doing this was made impossible, ever since 9/11. So we waited, ran from security, waited some more, had our ears talked off by a delirious and openly racist old man, and then FINALLY got inside. As soon as we got passed the gates, Mario took off running. I was left in the dust. Nice…. I eventually caught up, about 20 min later ( I got lost) and saw the most beautiful thing in the world, Derek Jeter and the Yankees warming up. I was in awe. My awe was quickly turned to shock as I saw Jeter reject two long time collectors. They had an item they wanted signed that meant the world to them and Jeter just nodded and dismissed them. Yikes. If you think that is bad, you should have seen the way ARod arrogantly strutted around. The only person he stopped to pay attention to was a little girl that had a mental and physical illness. I guess he was pretty much obligated to stop for that one.
I was pretty disappointed by all this behavior, but how dare I expect anything better from the Yankees. It’s Spring Training, for Christ sakes! Lighten the Hell up! Children had balls and cards that needed to be signed, but not a damn Yankee could take two seconds to greet the people that gave them their immense salary. I’m sure some of the Marlins weren’t much better, but we missed seeing them, so I can’t say too much.
Eventually, we grew bored of seeing the backs of our favorite Yankee players and retired to our seats. The game was getting ready to begin and Mario and I just sat and watched as the stadium began to fill. Their were even people sitting in the nose bleed section! There weren’t as many people as the officials had predicted, but there was still a really good turn out.
As we waited, we watched our boy, Andrew Miller, warm up. He stretched, he pitched, he did a little dance? The game was about to begin. I was beyond excited. This was huge for me! I will probably never get to see the Yankees ever again, until I am in my mid thirties, and I am sure Jeter will be retired by then. I wanted to enjoy these moments as much as possible. Every inning was a memorable one. Especially the ones that I had to tolerate listening to some jerk off mock poor Bobby Abreu. I nearly threw an autographed baseball that we had won at his skull!
This game by far outshines any other game I have been to. ARod hit a homer, Jeter hit a double, Mike Jacobs hit two homers, and Miller performed very well, despite a couple of wild pitches. Bobby Abreu and Alexis Gomez were both incredibly friendly and nice, waving to me whenever I waved.
So, I failed at meeting Jeter and getting a personal auto, but I won’t giving up on that dream. Watch out, Jeter, your @$$ is grass!

Marlins Batter

Baseball Cards Sold Here!

Marlins field filled with Yankees



ARod playing nice with the physically ill girl

Jeter, again *sigh*

Miller, stretching

Miller, pitching

Miller, scratching?

Louis Gonzalez actually smiling….
He looks a little like an Italian Greyhound, doesn’t he?

Me, after I thought I was dissed by Gonzalez

Jeter, just hangin’ out

YAY! Wow… his BA is REALLY bad


Abreu, bent over.

Gonzalez, all dirty after he made an attempt to steal… why?

Pitcher that took over for Miller after the 7th inning

Me, after the game… totally pleased. 🙂

Me, shopping. Yeah, whatever… I’m a girl.




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Some ridiculously obsessed Canseco lover wrote a similar post earlier today, so now I wanted to announce the arrival of the Yankees, the correct way. I am by no means a ‘Yankee fan’, just a severe Jeter fan, whether he has herpes or not, he is my hero, for numerous reasons. Tomorrow will be a huge day for me, considering this will probably be the only time I get to see Jeter, aside from when I drool over him while flipping through my pages of cards.  If you are a South Floridian, I hope you will come join us at the game this Friday evening, and watch as I attempt to get the attention of my hero, and hopefully score an autograph that I will cherish for many years to come. It is possible that I will fail, but it will only be because I am drowning in the seas of Yankee fans. If you guys cannot join me, needn’t be worried, I will snap plenty of photos of my pathetic attempts at gaining Jeter’s attention, photos of our home team, and a photo of me kicking Fredi Gonzalez’s @$$! Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed!

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Florida Marlins Manager On Some Serious Crack

This morning I found out something that not only angered me, but completely shocked me, as well. Turns out that 20 year old Cameron Maybin, will be starting the season in the minors for the Florida Marlins. Maybin, one of baseball’s TOP PROSPECTS and a centerpiece of that trade that sent my boys, D-Train and Cabrera, packing to Detroit, is being shipped to Double- A Carolina after going 0-for-5 during the 10-10 tie with the Houston Astros. Maybin went with out a hit his last 18 at bats, finishing spring training with a .190 BA, 3 homers, and 8 RBIs. Despite the funk he was in towards the end of Spring Training, I think Maybin has serious potential, and rather than tossing him to the side, I feel that we should have given him a shot. Hell, what’s the worst that could happen? We lose? We are going to end up doing that anyhow with the team we have. We got rid of our two star players, and now all we have is Ramirez, the famously dumb Uggla, and… a bunch of people whose names I can’t pronounce.

Way to go, Fredi Gonzalez….


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Moments and Milestones With London & The Infamous Tatiana

If any of you are parents out there, I know that you can relate to the thoughts that I always have running through my head. Thoughts of fear, wonder, and excitement. Thoughts that pertain to the world of today and the future of your children. I know that my son will always stay out of trouble, as long as I keep him focused; but that’s not my main concern, really. The thoughts that enter my mind the most are, “Is my son going to want to hang out with mommy? Will we be able to share precious moments together? Will he let me witness the milestones he reaches in his life? Will we ever have anything in common?”. I never thought my son and I would ever share anything. I figured that he had his dad for that sort of thing. I was just there to nurture. At most we would be able to share moments when he was a tiny baby, but after discovering the wonderful world of cars and wrestling moves, I thought I had lost my son forever.
Yesterday evening, as I was opening my massive packages of cards, I heard tiny footsteps walking towards me. I look over and saw a curious little boy. Ask my husband if he would ever let our son hold one of his baseball cards and he would look at you and laugh. Who in their right mind would give their baseball card to a drooly two year old boy? Much less, a card of their favorite player?! Well, I guess I have gone cuckoo because I did just that last night, and to my surprise, my son was really enjoying himself.  I realize that he is too little to realize the difference between a $100+ Jeter auto card and his pacifier, but I was willing to risk it. And let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. I was able to bond with my rough, rugged, little boy. We shared a moment together while looking at each of mommy’s baseball cards. I let him hold each and every card his little heart desired. I saw his eyes widen with wonder and it was amazing for me. When London gets a bit older (4 or 5), I hope to be able to collect with him. We already bought him his first bat and baseball, and have plans to enroll him in baseball for tots next year. (This kid can throw!) He has definitely developed into quite the little man; and for once, I am looking forward to his growing up, and instead of seeing it as losing my little baby boy, I see it as a chance to explore and discover new wonderful things with him. Who knows, maybe he will come with us to a softball game to meet Ozzie Canseco?! Then he can name drop in his daycare and get all the babes! 😉

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Let’s just say that after receiving all my mail Saturday afternoon, I was both thrilled and exhausted! Why? Well, I received a 36 card lot (with only 4 doubles on my part), a 2008 Topps Heritage Chrome, and a 2008 Topps Opening Day rip card, and a BEAUTIFUL 2007 UD auto(which I got for a definite steal!). I am pretty damned pleased. 🙂 With all these wonderful cards now in my possession, my Jeter collection has now grown to a massive 200 cards! Man, I’m doing pretty darn well, if I don’t say so myself! 🙂
Stay tuned to a list of my Jeter collection that I will be posting by tomorrow evening. If you see that I don’t have a Jeter card that you have, and you find something in my bucket that you would like to trade for, please let me know! 🙂

2000 Topps Finest
2000 Fleer Skybox
1999 Revolution
2000 Fleer Metal
2000 Fleer Skybox insert
2000 Topps
2000 Topps #100
1994 Tedd Williams Card Company
1996 Pinnacle
2000 Upper Deck
2000 Pacific
1998 Upper Deck
2000 Fleer Fusion
1999 Pacific
1997 Pinnacle
1998 Pinnacle Silver
1998 Pinnacle Gold
1999 Upper Deck
2000 Upper Deck Ionix
2000 Topps
2000 Topps #163
1995 Upper Deck
2000 Skybox Dominion
1998 Fleer
1999 Fleer Checklist
2000 Topps
2000 Fleer Diamond Mine

2001 Fleer
1996 Pinnacle
2000 Upper Deck
2000 Upper Deck Gold Reserve
1997 Pinnacle

2008 Opening Day rip card
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome
2007 Upper Deck Auto


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Bienvenidos, Mis Hermanos!

My heritage is something that is very important to me. I love Cuba for all that it is and all that it once was. When I think of Cuba, I never think of poverty, shame, or fear. I think of courage, strength, and togetherness. What those poor people have had to go through for nearly a century…. It saddens me, but also makes me proud to call the citizens of Cuba my family.
A couple of weeks ago, I declared that I was to begin collecting vintage Cuban baseball cards. Not just of any Cuban player, players that were born, raised, lived, and played in Cuba.
Last week, Friday, I received the last 3 of the 6 Cuban cards I purchased.  All cards from the year 1943, and all cards of genuine Cuban Beisbol players. Cards all worn and slightly faded. It makes me love them even more.
My goal is to just get 10 cards for now, 10 of my favorite cards to choose from on Ebay. I know have 6 and I have already begun to watch the last 4. All I have to do now is patiently wait for my time. If anyone has any vintage Cuban cards, please let me know. 🙂

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