Ebay User Single-Handedly Crushes My Heart


As most of you know, I have become somewhat of an Ebay addict, and now, I have found the mother of all lots. A 176 Derek Jeter card lot. No duplicates. And at the time when I finally have a little cash to dedicate to my beloved collection. I enter my maximum bid of $80.00 and watch as the final 2 minutes fade away. My heart and hopes begin to rise as I see the final seconds dwindling down. I turn to Mario. “This is gonna help my collection A LOT.” I refresh the page one more time and my mouth falls wide open as I realize that there is only 1 second left on the bid and some bastard has outbid me by one lousy dollar. Before I even have time to react, the bid is over and I have lost out on 176 new Derek Jeter cards. Needless to say, I am desperately depressed by this loss. Who knew? One would think I lost a family member by how pathetic I look at the moment. Now, whether this guy used a sniping program to steal my Jeters away from me, or if he was just sitting in front of his computer preying on the poor innocent female collector, I will have my vengeance. >:'(
Damn you to Hell, Jeter00. Watch your back, holmes. Unless, of course, you bought those cards for me. 😉
One can hope… can’t they?

These cards, along with about 168 other cards could have been mine. 😥



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6 responses to “Ebay User Single-Handedly Crushes My Heart

  1. whitesoxcards

    I know your pain all too well. That has happened to me many times bidding on eBay. Many things I have truly wanted were outpriced in the final seconds with no time for a re-bid. People really suck sometimes.

  2. Stop obsessing. A few months ago you wouldn’t let me bid on a Canseco lot with over 400 cards cause you deemed it “junk”.

    There will be many more Jeter lots to bid on.

  3. chemgod

    If you can’t beat them, join them http://auctionsniper.com I use it for every auction.

  4. Joe

    Wah Wah Wah.

    Try being outbid by 1 penny on a 1 / 1 autograph / jersey card of your favorite player. I bid w/ 5 seconds left and that guy did it with 2 seconds left. That is tough to take. But like a MAN and not a WOMAN I bucked up and outbid that bastard on everything we have bid on.

  5. Whatever, Joe. You smell funny! >:'(

  6. Joe

    I have been using gavelsnipe,com lately. It is free and be sure to set the snipe time for 5 – 7 seconds. I did not know to set it and the default is 20 seconds so I was outbid. It works well and is easy to use. Happy Jeter hunting.

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