Beisbol Cubano

As most of you may know, I am a Chi-town girl, but what I have kept hidden from you is my background, my heritage. For those of you that haven’t guessed it by now by looking at my photographs, I am of Cuban decent. Yeah, that’s right. The crazy Cuban with the fiery and passionate persona, along with the hot headed temper and the tendency of being extremely hard headed.
While scanning Ebay for a few new Jeters, it occurred to me, shouldn’t I have some cards of Cuban players? I mean, it’s part of my history; part of who I am. So, I began looking for Cuban baseball players. Jose Canseco, Ozzie Canseco, Orlando Gonzalez, Julio ‘El Duke’ Gonzalez…. But then I realized, ANY BODY can get a Cuban baseball card, what I want are Cuban baseball cards manufactured in Cuba. I revised my search and fell upon Cubano Heaven. Listed in front of me were cards from 1943 of people from my past, people possibly from my bloodline. Cards from 1943, that I now had to have. I viewed a few of them and instantly fell in love. I didn’t mind that some were brutally faded. They were vintage. I selected a player named Julio Trujillo. Why? This card spoke to me and the gentleman in the photo shared an uncanny resemblance with my grandfather who passed away last April. I stalked this card for the remaining two hours of existence it had on Ebay. I had grown attached to the card and by this time I needed to have it in my collection. Mario assured me that no one would out bid me on it, but since I now had a special connection with this card, his assurance wasn’t good enough. I waited and waited and in the last 3 minutes, I placed my bid. I continued to wait until the minutes turned to seconds and until the seconds were no more. I didn’t want another Derek Jeter incident to occur again. As the Ebay timer struck 0, a little message appeared on the screen. “Thanks to your early bidding, you have won this auction!” YAY! My first CUBANASO to add to my Cuban collection. That’s right guys, I have now begun to collect not only Derek Jeter cards, but the cards of my people. New, vintage, whatever, as long as it’s Cuban! So, if anyone has any Cuban cards that would like to trade or make a donation to The Infamous Tatiana’s Cuban Collection, send me a message.


Bienvenidos, Señor Trujillo!


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4 responses to “Beisbol Cubano

  1. Nice card but I think you fell asleep while watching the other cards…

  2. Checked baseball-reference last night, which says there have been 153 Cuban players. Not sure that sounds right, but names are listed, and I will put the Card Sorter to work after school to see if we have any we can send you. Very interesting post, keep up the great work.

  3. I agree with Wax Heaven. There are many Cuban players with some of the most famous from the Golden Age of Baseball Cards like Sandy Amoros, Bert Campaneris, Jose Cardenal, Mike Cuellar, Tito Fuentes, Tony Oliva, Camilo Pascual, Pedro Ramos and probably the most famous from Chicago, Minnie Minoso of the White Sox.

    It would be great if you could write about how they got to Big Leagues.

    Like the look of your blog. I like dark backgrounds. Very artsy.

  4. Good luck with your Cuban baseball card collecting. If you want learn more about Cuban baseball cards and Cuban baseball players visit my site . If you need assistance or information just let me know.

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