Andrew Miller: More Than Just The Boy Next Door

Many have begun to doubt the capabilities of our South Florida Marlin boy, Andrew Miller. Many doubt that he will be able to maintain his own and believe that he will be sent back to the Minors. The more photographs I see of Andrew Miller, the more I realize that all of these people are wrong. He is more than just a sweet, innocent, and wholesome guy. He may look like the boy next door, but don’t be fooled. This 22 year old, 6’6, 210lb, former Florida, Gainesville resident is more than just another kid waiting to get sent back to the Minors. He is well on his way to becoming a baseball super star.
Let’s cut this guy some slack. The last time he met with the Red Sox, he was a young hurler trying to prove he belonged on the Detroit Tigers’. On March 2nd, he was trying to cement his spot in the starting rotation on his new team. He may have hit a batter with his first pitch on Monday, and his control failed to improve much after that. BUT, new team = new ball game. He needs to feel comfortable out there. He needs to feel at home.
So be forgiving if he messes up here and there, and have faith in the poor guy for Pete’s sake. We all know he is capable of great things, just take a look at what he was able to accomplish yesterday, March 7th. What Friday revealed was how effective Miller can be when he is throwing strikes. He has taken a major stride in regaining command of the strike zone. He has shown major improvement and I believe he will continue to do so.

So, you know, screw all the people that doubt him and want him to go back to the Minors. He is where he belongs, The Florida Marlins.

Andrew Miller, looking like a bad ass.



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2 responses to “Andrew Miller: More Than Just The Boy Next Door

  1. As a fan who lives within walking distance to the Marlins Triple A franchise ballpark, I would love it if they decided to send him down for a bit. On the other hand, given that they would probably send him to Carolina instead of Albuquerque (where the air is as thin as the hair on the majority of the autograph hounds’ heads), it probably isn’t worth my time to stock up on more of his cards.

  2. That’s a gorgeous card!

    Now… a new blog, lazy.

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