Greatest Mail Day EVER!!!

I arrive to my home today expecting nothing…. Okay, expecting a few Ebay purchases I have made over the last 2 weeks, but nothing else really. So, I arrive home, and to my surprise I have 8 different packages waiting for me, seven of which are Ebay purchases. The eigth? A very thoughtful Derek Jeter package from Todd (dark ship). All cards I didn’t have and all cards that I now cherish very much. Thanks, Todd! You rock my socks! šŸ™‚

I’m sure you are all very curious as to what my other seven packages contained. Well, one is an amazingly sexy 2000 Upper Deck Game Used BASEBALL!!!! It even has the red stitching! ā¤
The second package contained another first for me, 2003 PlayOff Piece of the Game, Game used Base! This card is beyond beautiful! The third package had an ultra rare1994 Classic, which features Jeter as a cartoon teen. The fourth is a 1998 Upper Deck. Very pretty. The fifth was a 1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond. Which is ironic that it is named that, since there is not one single spec of black on the card, just lots of glitter! The sixth package consisted of a 2003 Upper Deck Standing Ovation baseball shaped card. My seventh, and final package, has my BEAUTIFUL Yankee jersey featuring the number 2 on the back, representing my man Jeter. I will definitely be wearing this jersey on the March 28th Spring Training game, Yankees Vs. Marlins.Ā  I now have 163 Jeter cards in my collection!! Keep ’em comin’, baby! šŸ™‚

My Newest Additions




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