The Demise of the Infamous Tatiana?

Last night, I was going to write a wonderful blog about how treasured my memories are of being on a baseball field( I dont want to tell you too much in case I am ever able to write this blog). I had begun editing the photograph I was going to use for this post the night before, but I got distracted and ended up leaving it for later. When I woke up the next morning, all of the applications I had opened for editing were closed. I didn’t mind in the least bit, because I knew my photograph was being safely stored in my husband’s camera, along with photographs of his surprise party I threw for his birthday and his training session with Greg Brown. So, last night I went to sit in front of the computer and edit my beloved photograph, again. This time when I plugged the camera into the computer, the only photos that appeared were those that we snapped last night of Ozzie Canseco. I searched frantically on the desktop, the garbage bin on the computer…. but nothing. Mario had deleted it…. You would think that I would have learned by now, but I guess that obviously isn’t the case. Damn you, Mario, and your obsessive compulsive disorder!!!!

Don’t worry, ladies and gentlemen. After the little tiff we had last night, I have learned that those photographs weren’t even worth it. Some are able to be recreated and others, well they aren’t worth ending a relationship over. And may be it’s too late, but I realize that now. So, stay tuned because I am plotting my next post as we speak! MUAHAHA!

Here is a gay picture of Jose for your entertainment!


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