Mail Day!!! Part Deux

Today was a mail day that I will never forget. After playing catch this morning, I decided to rest up while London took his afternoon nap. After a few minutes of ‘resting my legs’, I completely passed out. The mail had arrived and Mario woke me to let me know he was going to step outside for a few minutes. Mario awoke me again to reveal that he had gotten an over sized package from Cardboard Junkie. The envelope looked like it was going to explode. I thought nothing of it, because I knew that they had made a trade awhile back and this was part two of their trade. Within seconds, I was knocked out, again.
I had reached the point between being completely awake and being completely asleep because of hearing Mario rummage through so many cards! I faintly heard, “Oh man! I have to show her this!”. He woke me up one more time, and I swear to you that if I had enough energy, I would have screamed! But no, not from anger, from sheer excitement at what he was showing me. Sure, I was groggy from taking a nap, but I wasn’t blind. I knew what he was showing me; and I knew that this was HUGE. “Is that…. Who is that?” I asked. “That’s Derek Jeter.” I looked at him and rubbed my eyes as I thought about what this meant. “Is that an autograph?” Mario looked at me and smiled. “Yes, it is.” My eyes opened as wide as they possibly could. My head was throbbing from napping too long, and my muscles ached because of my excersise this morning, but I forgot about all of that instantly. I did the typical girl thing. “OH MY GOD!” I shrieked, “Babe, can I marry Cardboard Junkie?”
I can easily say that this is the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. Let’s not forget that I did receive my first game used bat during a trade that was made with Cincy Reds Cards, but Cardboard Junkie sent me this card as a gift. A gift. No strings attached. Who does that?!?! I would give anything to give this man an enormous hug! You guys have no idea how grateful I am! Mr. Junkie, sir… I love you!




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4 responses to “Mail Day!!! Part Deux

  1. It’s an awesome card. If you would have gone to the Dodgers spring training game instead of Calle 8 maybe we would have been able to get him an Andruw autograph! 😡

  2. I didn’t go to Calle Ocho! I took our son to Jungle Island!!!!!!!!!!! >:'(

  3. Um, I’m already married… sorry

    Glad you liked the card though! 🙂

  4. Kinda figured. The sweet, thoughtful, generous ones are always taken! That’s why my hubby is off the market! 🙂

    The word ‘like’ is a complete understatement!

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