Mail Day! Part Un

I had to do the mail day in two parts today because I received an incredibly awesome gift from Cardboard Junkie, which I will write about in part 2. So, here is part one, which is my Ebay Addiction results! 🙂
I received 2 1/2 new cards today. I say two and a half, because I am not sure if one really counts as a card. I got a 2006 Topps Turkey Red, a 2008 Topps Heritage, and a dollar bill with Jeter as the president. Including the card from part 2, I have 164 Jeter cards. I am well on my way to reaching the 8,000 that exist! Woo-hoo!!

Mario told me the Jeter bill was slightly corny, maybe even a little gay, but then told me that he used to have one of Canseco. While I am confused by this comment, I don’t let it bother me because I love my Jeter dollar bill and I think it is absolutely awesome. It definitely beats the Easter Bunny dollar that they have at Publix Supermarkets right now.

Anyhow, I am planning to list every card I have soon, so that I can help you guys know what Jeter cards I need, therefore making the trading process easier. It’s better to do it now than wait until I have as many cards as Bryan!

Alright everyone, stay tuned for Part Deux!



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2 responses to “Mail Day! Part Un

  1. JT

    A pink border? Why Topps, why? I like the Heritage design, but I can’t stand the pink.

  2. I know. It’s a little flamboyant, but it’s Jeter! 🙂

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