The True Demise Of The Infamous Tatiana

Thursday evening, I decided to take advantage of the fact that London was sleeping over grandma’s because he was ill and opted to do a spontaneous date night and head to the movies to see 10,000 B.C. . The movie was (simply put) awesome. After the two hour film had ended, we began to drive home when all of a sudden I felt this excruciating pain on my foot. The pain was so horrible, I nearly had to pull over. I dealt with the sting until I pulled into my driveway and then itched the heck out of my toe. I declared it to be an insect bite, but whatever bit/stung me was nowhere to be found. Being the hard headed Cuban that I am, I did nothing about the bite and went to bed. The next morning, my entire foot was swollen and red. I nearly called in sick, but decided that I needed to go in to work anyway. Work was difficult. I couldn’t walk and the effects of the venom of whatever had stung me were definitely setting in. I had heart palpitations, I felt light headed, and eventually my foot went numb. It wasn’t until almost noon that I decided to do something. I went to the CVS pharmacy One Minute Doctor nearby work, and was then rushed to the E.R.
They were never able to figure out what kind of spider bit me exactly, but I did make it out of the hospital with a general anti venom shot to my toe, a tetanus shot to my rear, and a prescription to medication that I am to take 4 times a day. They recommended that I take Claritan, use topical Benadryl and use warm compresses.
They told me that if I had waited any longer, something much worse could have happened. Blood poisoning? Death?

My girl friend, Christina. A/K/A my ambulance

My wrist band. Groovy, ain’t it?!

Me: Sad, slightly nervous, but still sportin’ my Yankee jersey!


My entry wounds. Damn little bastard!

This morning, I awoke with most of my swelling gone. I was still walking with a limp, but I was expected to be at the training with Coach Brown and Mario. So, I bucked up, grabbed my glove, and got ready to play. I didn’t participate in the actual training itself, but Mario and I played catch for a good hour all together, before and after training. I got a bit of a work out chasing after balls thrown, and I experienced two injuries. Mario threw the ball and hit me once in the thigh and once on the left foot. Luckily, my spider bite was on the right foot, or Mario may not have survived to tell you about his experience today because he would have experienced my Cuban Wrath.

So, it goes to show ya why my name is the Infamous Tatiana. I am so famous, I’m Infamous!

This morning, posing with Black Magic.


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  1. chemgod

    For future reference, Benedryl is a great drug for something like that. It wouldn’t have cured it (as you need anti venom for that) but the swelling would have been minimal since you had the histamine blocker. Sorry just the chemist coming out of me.

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