A Date With The WHOLE Canseco Family

As promised to Heidi, Mario and I showed up to the ball park to watch Heidi, Jose, and Ozzie play. Their game was to begin at 8:30pm and unfortunately, we showed up 2 hours prior. We sat down comfortably to watch another game while we waited. Every few minutes, I’ve found myself looking in the distance to see if I saw the twins, but no luck. Time was dwindling down, and I was getting really concerned. Have the Canseco’s stood me up? Just as I was getting ready to pack up my things and go home, I saw Obie and a tiny rat looking dog walking towards us. My heart jumped! No, the Canseco’s are not pricks! They were just running on Cuban time! Obie came by and said hello and let me play with his puppy. We had a conversation while he waited for his team to arrive and then we all took a seat on the bleachers. A few minutes later, Jose made his grand entrance and again, Mario didn’t want to approach him. He had two cards in his pocket that he wanted Jose to sign, but couldn’t find the courage to walk up to the man. Suddenly, we saw another man walk up to Jose and ask for his auto on a bat. That was Mario’s chance, and thank God Almighty, he went for it! I watched in the distance as Mario spoke to Jose, and I was overflowed with Joy knowing that Mario’s dream finally came true. Mario met his idol. His scruffy idol. Jose, Obie, and Heidi hit the field with Crickett, Obie’s Italian Greyhound( the rat looking thing). They ran laps together and then proceeded to practice catching. Right next to me, I heard an elderly couple discussing amongst themselves if Heidi was really, well, Heidi. Being the friendly Cuban that I am, I jumped right into the conversation. As it turns out, the elderly couple was Jose and Obie’s father and stepmother! What an honor it was to meet them both! As time passed, more Canseco’s arrived. Jose and Obie’s sister, Theresa, came and so did her daughter, the daughter’s husband, and the daughter’s two kids. Shortly thereafter arrived Obie’s gal. Not as pretty as Jose’s girl, but definitely as skinny, if not more! She looked very aged, and while that may work for a good wine, it wasn’t really working for her. Sorry. 🙂
As the Canseco family and I talked, the Canseco brothers each hit homers! (Jose hit an extra home run for the added effect!) As Jose came up for his last at bat, his family and I kept chatting away. Jose was pretty annoyed by this because he muttered under his breath “Don’t you guys ever shut up!”. Man, never get in the way of this guy’s game! Shortly thereafter the game ended, and the Canseco family was on their way to another field because the boys were playing a second game. Mr. Jose Canseco Sr. and his wife asked if we would be joining them, but unfortunately, both Mario and I have to work tomorrow. They both gave me a kiss good-bye and told us that they would see us tomorrow and Saturday! We don’t want to disappoint the Canseco’s now do we?! Not sure if we can make tomorrow’s game, but Saturday… well, it’s a date! 😉

Me, when I thought we got stood up!

Obie and Crickett

Heidi and Jose

Obie, just before hitting a HR

Jose, about to hit his second HR!




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3 responses to “A Date With The WHOLE Canseco Family

  1. It looks lime you’re really getting sucked into Mario’s world. It sounds like you’re having fun though. Seriously, I think that’s great that you and Mario can mingle with the Cansecos. That’s so awesome. The brothers don’t disappoint when it comes to the long bombs. It looks like they’ve still got it! 🙂

  2. Nikki

    I went to school with Jose and Obie’s niece. How is she? She’s married and two kids? That’s great. Is she still living in Miami?

  3. Nikki, I believe Obie’s niece is living in the Tampa area near her mother, Theresa. Her two children are adorable. A little girl and a baby boy. 🙂

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