My Evening With Ozzie and Jose

Yesterday evening, was an evening that will be very difficult for me to ever forget. Over the past few weeks, I’d like to think I have been able to establish a tiny relationship with Ozzie Canseco by attending his games and making small talk. My first experience with Ozzie was a very awkward one, but by the time next week came, I blossomed into a friendly fan. The second encounter went much smoother than the first. I gave him a Heavenly Vixen card which made him grin, chuckle, and say thank you. I think I even saw him blush a little. This encounter began as any normal Wednesday night. We showed up a little early to the field and began talking to an older Cuban man. He told us of how he knew Ozzie and his brother when they will just little boys. His kids and the Cansecos used to play ball together. Ironically, Ozzie and the man’s two sons were on the same softball league here in south
. As the conversation continued, the man mentioned that the Cansecos played Tuesday evening. “Jose, too?” I asked. The old man nodded. Mario pinched my arm in excitement. It was hard to believe Jose Canseco was in town; or maybe it wasn’t. His brother did reside in the area. What was hard to believe was that Mario may finally be able to be the man that he has idolized since he was about 7 years old. The man that filled the void that Mario’s father had created when he was absent from his life. The great “Mr. 40/40” himself. We tried to gather as much information as possible from the old man with out getting annoying. As it turned out, the Cansecos were due to play another game that night as well. I saw Mario’s eyes light up! It was like watching a little boy open his gifts on Christmas morning. I’ve never seen him so happy! His personality instantly changed into that of a prepubescent girl’s. He grabbed my phone and went of into the corner to call Brian(the Canseco King) and give him the good news! All I could do was giggle. Mario eventually got off the phone and one thing lead to another and I found myself on my way home to get a Jose Canseco tribute DVD that Brian had put together himself.
I got back to the park and decided I needed to use the potty. Desperately. As I was coming back from the bathroom, I saw Mario running towards me, completely giddy. “BABE! LOOK OVER THERE!” I looked towards the bleachers and there sat Jose Canseco, tying his shoes. “BABE, HE LOOKED AT ME AND I WAVED AND HE WAVED BACK!” It was official, I lost my husband. He was completely star struck. “LOOK AT HIS ARMS!” he exclaimed as we walked closer to Jose. “Babe, calm down, he is going to hear you and think you are nuts!” Jose got up and walked over by the dug out, where Ozzie was. I then suggested than Mario go speak to Jose, but he was FROZEN. He just starred in awe.
So, me being the new courageous woman that I am, I walked right over to them and was pleasantly surprised with the wonderful greeting I received. When I walked up to Ozzie, he extended his hand out to me, shook my hand, asked how I was doing and introduced me to Jose. It was so casual. He greeted me like he has known me for years. I LOVED THAT! Jose then extended his hand to me and shook my hand firmly. We had a brief conversation and then I wished them a good game.

As little as I idolized the Canseco brothers, it didn’t take away from my excitement when I got to meet Ozzie Canseco a few weeks ago, nor did it take away from the butterflies that I had in my tummy when I shook Jose Canseco’s hand for the first time. Mario was in absolute awe. “Babe! You just shook Jose Canseco’s hand!” I grinned and took a seat on the bleachers next to a beautiful, slim, blonde bombshell and two little girls. I overhear them talking about how hungry they were and suggested a nearby Publix. “What’s that?” said the blonde. I was dumbfounded. “It’s a grocery store.” The blonde explained to me how they are here on vacation from California and do not know the area very well. I put two and two together and realized that I was conversing with Canseco’s gal, Canseco’s step daughter, and Canseco’s daughter. I ended up spending the entire night talking to Heidi(girl friend), Josie(daughter), and Dankika(step daughter). Heidi and I had a good session of girl talk, Dankika and I read a book to each other while Jose stared at us from the infield(wondering who the hell I was, I’m sure), and we even played little pranks that consisted of stealing sunflower seeds from an unsuspecting ball player’s bag! (That Josie is a natural klepto!) Heidi had told me she would be playing this evening with Ozzie and Jose, and I told her I would be there to show some support.
The game ended with a loss for Ozzie and Jose, but they were both in pretty good moods. I told him his family was absolutely beautiful and that I would come watch them play again tomorrow. Jose looked at Mario, saw him standing awkwardly in the distance with a camera, and asked if we wanted a picture. “Yes, please!” he exclaimed. And with that Jose opened his arm and embraced me. I was shocked by that one!
All in all, the evening couldn’t have gone any better than it did. If I learned anything by my experience with Ozzie and Jose, it’s that they are both just normal and nice guys, that just happen to be huge! I look forward to seeing them again this evening!
Me chatting it up with the brothers.

Los Hermanos

Senor Ozzie

Senor Jose

Me and Jose!

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