Mail Day: Welcome Home, Derek!

Today I arrived home early from work, being that it is ‘Good Friday’, and I opened my mailbox only to find one envelope carrying a single Jeter card. I was pretty disappointed until I opened the envelope and saw which card it was. It was my1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck card! I was thrilled! Especially since I got this card on Ebay for only a buck and free shipping! It was bitter sweet, because while I was happy for receiving this one card, I was saddened that no others arrived today. I proceeded with my afternoon and took London to take a picture with the Easter Bunny, which somehow turned into London and I taking a picture with the Easter Bunny. As I was dropping off London so that he could spend the evening with grandma and grandpa, I saw on their kitchen counter a bubble wrap envelope with my name on it. I snagged that thing up faster than you could imagine, and I tore it open to reveal my 2007 Derek Jeter King of Swings game used patch! I was excited and severely confused. How did the card get mailed to my parents house? Whatever happened, my Jeter is now safely at home where he belongs.

YAY! I now have 169 Jeter cards!


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