Ozzie or Jose: Which is the better twin?


From an athletic stand point, I think we can all agree that Jose is just a bit better than Ozzie. He’s the original ‘Mr. 40/40’ for goodness sakes! But, the question I pose goes much deeper than that. Which one is the better twin as a whole? Which one is the better role model? Which one is truly genuine and down to earth?
As most of us know, both boys have had run ins with the law, but think of it this way, none of us are perfect and we all make stupid mistakes. I went through a rebellious stage myself when I was younger, and I did all sorts of things from trying numerous drugs to stealing random products from stores. Hell, I even broke a couple of noses when I was in high school!
Personally, I think Ozzie would be the better role model here. While both men got in their share of trouble with the law and in their careers, I think Ozzie took things a bit better. Not to mention, Ozzie seems much friendlier on a regular basis and smiles a lot more. A friendly and positive Canseco, is the good example.
Now, which Canseco is the genuine and down to earth Canseco? While meeting Jose the other night, I couldn’t help but think, “Is he being so kind because we are so close to his books release date?”. After convincing myself that it wasn’t the case, I fell in love with who Jose was; but don’t think he stole my vote there. Ozzie has been amazing since the day I froze in front of him while I attempted to ask for an autograph. He greets me at every game we attend and he always flashes a smile our way. While both of these men genuinely love the sport of baseball, I can’t help but feel that Jose is in it for the fame, while Ozzie is in it for that feeling he gets when he sends one flying over the fence.
After seeing both men now, Ozzie looks young and refreshed. He is in amazing shape! While Jose looks rugged and aged; don’t get me wrong, he does have a killer body, but I think the stress and rejection of the world hit him a little harder. It’s tough being at the top one minute and then being slammed to the bottom the next. Being black balled from something you love can never be easy. Please don’t misunderstand, I know that Ozzie wasn’t given much of a chance during his career and he shared a relationship with Jose and baseball, much like Eli Manning shared a relationship with Peyton and football. I understand that it is hard to shine when you are being overshadowed by a sibling.
This is part of the reason that I believe Ozzie is the better twin. Ozzie wasn’t given a chance by anyone and while it pains him, I’m sure, he takes it with a grain of salt. I will never forget what Ozzie said the first time we met. Mario had told him that it wasn’t fair that the St.Louis Cardinals never gave him a chance. Ozzie simply shrugged and said, “Hey, that’s life!”. It was amazing to me and it made me respect him, a lot. While a tad aloof, he is such a friendly and sincere guy. He is truly appreciative of things and is very committed and optimistic, where as Jose has this attitude of resenting the world for the way his career ended.
So, who is the better twin in my opinion? As tough as it is, and it really is tough, because while I managed to point out all of Jose’s flaws, I really have come to like him, too. As tough as it is, for me, it would have to be Ozzie. He is in such a consistent good mood. He truly inspires me. I love watching him play because it motivates me and encourages me. It shows me that I should never give up on something that I love. Speaking to him and seeing his appreciation for our support…. Seeing him crack a smile when I gave him a Heavenly Vixen card. Ozzie is what it’s all about. A sincere man and his love for the sport. Ozzie, thanks for being you.

Winner: Ozzie Canseco



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