Moments and Milestones With London & The Infamous Tatiana

If any of you are parents out there, I know that you can relate to the thoughts that I always have running through my head. Thoughts of fear, wonder, and excitement. Thoughts that pertain to the world of today and the future of your children. I know that my son will always stay out of trouble, as long as I keep him focused; but that’s not my main concern, really. The thoughts that enter my mind the most are, “Is my son going to want to hang out with mommy? Will we be able to share precious moments together? Will he let me witness the milestones he reaches in his life? Will we ever have anything in common?”. I never thought my son and I would ever share anything. I figured that he had his dad for that sort of thing. I was just there to nurture. At most we would be able to share moments when he was a tiny baby, but after discovering the wonderful world of cars and wrestling moves, I thought I had lost my son forever.
Yesterday evening, as I was opening my massive packages of cards, I heard tiny footsteps walking towards me. I look over and saw a curious little boy. Ask my husband if he would ever let our son hold one of his baseball cards and he would look at you and laugh. Who in their right mind would give their baseball card to a drooly two year old boy? Much less, a card of their favorite player?! Well, I guess I have gone cuckoo because I did just that last night, and to my surprise, my son was really enjoying himself.  I realize that he is too little to realize the difference between a $100+ Jeter auto card and his pacifier, but I was willing to risk it. And let me tell you, I am so glad that I did. I was able to bond with my rough, rugged, little boy. We shared a moment together while looking at each of mommy’s baseball cards. I let him hold each and every card his little heart desired. I saw his eyes widen with wonder and it was amazing for me. When London gets a bit older (4 or 5), I hope to be able to collect with him. We already bought him his first bat and baseball, and have plans to enroll him in baseball for tots next year. (This kid can throw!) He has definitely developed into quite the little man; and for once, I am looking forward to his growing up, and instead of seeing it as losing my little baby boy, I see it as a chance to explore and discover new wonderful things with him. Who knows, maybe he will come with us to a softball game to meet Ozzie Canseco?! Then he can name drop in his daycare and get all the babes! 😉


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  1. W.H

    Great post. THANK GOD those are your cards and not mine he is laying on. I’d be really upset otherwise.

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