Florida Marlins Manager On Some Serious Crack

This morning I found out something that not only angered me, but completely shocked me, as well. Turns out that 20 year old Cameron Maybin, will be starting the season in the minors for the Florida Marlins. Maybin, one of baseball’s TOP PROSPECTS and a centerpiece of that trade that sent my boys, D-Train and Cabrera, packing to Detroit, is being shipped to Double- A Carolina after going 0-for-5 during the 10-10 tie with the Houston Astros. Maybin went with out a hit his last 18 at bats, finishing spring training with a .190 BA, 3 homers, and 8 RBIs. Despite the funk he was in towards the end of Spring Training, I think Maybin has serious potential, and rather than tossing him to the side, I feel that we should have given him a shot. Hell, what’s the worst that could happen? We lose? We are going to end up doing that anyhow with the team we have. We got rid of our two star players, and now all we have is Ramirez, the famously dumb Uggla, and… a bunch of people whose names I can’t pronounce.

Way to go, Fredi Gonzalez….



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4 responses to “Florida Marlins Manager On Some Serious Crack

  1. W.H

    The worse that could happen is he stayed in the big leagues and hit below .200, lost all his confidence, and became the next big flop.

    He needs a little more time…

  2. That’s funny. Didn’t you already say that?

    I think he would have done fine. But that’s just me.

  3. W.H

    You will see him on the Marlins after the All-Star break in July. That is my guess.

  4. JT

    The Reds did the same thing to Jay Bruce. I couldn’t believe it when they sent him down last week. Corey Patterson is going to be the starting CF? Seriously? Yeah, we’re in for a great season. [/sarcasm]

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