Some ridiculously obsessed Canseco lover wrote a similar post earlier today, so now I wanted to announce the arrival of the Yankees, the correct way. I am by no means a ‘Yankee fan’, just a severe Jeter fan, whether he has herpes or not, he is my hero, for numerous reasons. Tomorrow will be a huge day for me, considering this will probably be the only time I get to see Jeter, aside from when I drool over him while flipping through my pages of cards.  If you are a South Floridian, I hope you will come join us at the game this Friday evening, and watch as I attempt to get the attention of my hero, and hopefully score an autograph that I will cherish for many years to come. It is possible that I will fail, but it will only be because I am drowning in the seas of Yankee fans. If you guys cannot join me, needn’t be worried, I will snap plenty of photos of my pathetic attempts at gaining Jeter’s attention, photos of our home team, and a photo of me kicking Fredi Gonzalez’s @$$! Wish me luck, and keep your fingers crossed!


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