Friday Night Baseball

Meeting your idol, or not meeting for that matter, could make or break your impression of that person. On Friday, March 28th, I had the chance to meet my idol, Derek Jeter. Sadly, he didn’t give anyone the time of day. I don’t like him any less, but I did wish that he was more like Giambi. Giambi posed for photos and signed autos for what seemed like 30min. Regardless, Derek Jeter still stands as being my number 1 and my collection will continue to grow. And who knows, I’m still incredibly young, maybe I will get to meet him one day.
All that being said, Friday’s game was AMAZING. I sported my Yankee jersey, as did a good 5,000 others; and to make things clear, I don’t like the team, just select players. I’ll always be a Marlin girl. Mario and I showed up to the game a tad bit early, but when denied entrance through the main gate, we snuck in through the employee entrance. No, I wasn’t scared. >:'(
We attempted, numerous times, to get to the field to watch both teams practice and warm up; but doing this was made impossible, ever since 9/11. So we waited, ran from security, waited some more, had our ears talked off by a delirious and openly racist old man, and then FINALLY got inside. As soon as we got passed the gates, Mario took off running. I was left in the dust. Nice…. I eventually caught up, about 20 min later ( I got lost) and saw the most beautiful thing in the world, Derek Jeter and the Yankees warming up. I was in awe. My awe was quickly turned to shock as I saw Jeter reject two long time collectors. They had an item they wanted signed that meant the world to them and Jeter just nodded and dismissed them. Yikes. If you think that is bad, you should have seen the way ARod arrogantly strutted around. The only person he stopped to pay attention to was a little girl that had a mental and physical illness. I guess he was pretty much obligated to stop for that one.
I was pretty disappointed by all this behavior, but how dare I expect anything better from the Yankees. It’s Spring Training, for Christ sakes! Lighten the Hell up! Children had balls and cards that needed to be signed, but not a damn Yankee could take two seconds to greet the people that gave them their immense salary. I’m sure some of the Marlins weren’t much better, but we missed seeing them, so I can’t say too much.
Eventually, we grew bored of seeing the backs of our favorite Yankee players and retired to our seats. The game was getting ready to begin and Mario and I just sat and watched as the stadium began to fill. Their were even people sitting in the nose bleed section! There weren’t as many people as the officials had predicted, but there was still a really good turn out.
As we waited, we watched our boy, Andrew Miller, warm up. He stretched, he pitched, he did a little dance? The game was about to begin. I was beyond excited. This was huge for me! I will probably never get to see the Yankees ever again, until I am in my mid thirties, and I am sure Jeter will be retired by then. I wanted to enjoy these moments as much as possible. Every inning was a memorable one. Especially the ones that I had to tolerate listening to some jerk off mock poor Bobby Abreu. I nearly threw an autographed baseball that we had won at his skull!
This game by far outshines any other game I have been to. ARod hit a homer, Jeter hit a double, Mike Jacobs hit two homers, and Miller performed very well, despite a couple of wild pitches. Bobby Abreu and Alexis Gomez were both incredibly friendly and nice, waving to me whenever I waved.
So, I failed at meeting Jeter and getting a personal auto, but I won’t giving up on that dream. Watch out, Jeter, your @$$ is grass!

Marlins Batter

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Marlins field filled with Yankees



ARod playing nice with the physically ill girl

Jeter, again *sigh*

Miller, stretching

Miller, pitching

Miller, scratching?

Louis Gonzalez actually smiling….
He looks a little like an Italian Greyhound, doesn’t he?

Me, after I thought I was dissed by Gonzalez

Jeter, just hangin’ out

YAY! Wow… his BA is REALLY bad


Abreu, bent over.

Gonzalez, all dirty after he made an attempt to steal… why?

Pitcher that took over for Miller after the 7th inning

Me, after the game… totally pleased. šŸ™‚

Me, shopping. Yeah, whatever… I’m a girl.





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2 responses to “Friday Night Baseball

  1. .286 is actually well above average…but Jeter usually ends up in the .310 area after all is said and done.

  2. lonestarr

    It’s been way too long since I’ve been to a game. Perhaps I should relocate to a warmer climate during spring training one of these years… looks like good times to my restless spirit, evil empire or no. šŸ˜›

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