A Startling Confession

Hello, everyone. The Infamous Tatiana here. Ya know, the Derek Jeter obsessed gal? Yeah, well I have a bit of a confession to make. Since saturday, I have received numerous Jeter cards in the mail, both from trades and Ebay purchases. Cards including classics such as Flair Showcase to amazing pieces of history such as my very first printing plate. Some of you may be wondering why I haven’t scanned the cards like I normally do; some of you may already be thinking I am too lazy, but the truth is, that ever since Friday’s game, I lost a bit of interest in Jeter. I never expected him to be the way that he was. Hell, part of the reason I liked him was because of who he was as a person (at least how he portrayed himself on television), and after seeing him in the flesh, my image of him was severely tarnished. I don’t know what I expected, I guess not really an auto or a friendly conversation, but the jerk could have at least turned around and waved when his numerous fans yelled out his name. There were children pleading with him to sign a ball, or their favorite baseball card, and once they were turned away, they looked that their parents with tears in their eyes and asked why ‘Mr. Jeter’ paid them no attention. One parent actually said, “Because he is a New York Yankee, son. You’ll understand when your older.” Well Hell, I’m not a naive 9 year old and I still don’t understand why these guys have to be such pr*cks.
Having said all that, seeing Jeter in person has left a bad taste in my mouth. So, for now, just bear with me on the lack of Jeter scans… maybe in a couple of days I’ll get over how poorly he acted and I’ll scan my cards….

Boo for Jeter! 😦



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14 responses to “A Startling Confession

  1. lonestarr

    Don’t let it get you down, kid. Maybe it was just bad timing, maybe it is because he’s a Yankee, and has been his entire career don’t forget, or maybe will turn out that he is because he’s a no-good dirt bag. Regardless, you can’t let one incident ruin him for you. It’s too soon to think the worst.

  2. I respectfully disagree with lonestarr; it’s not too soon to think the worst. When an overpaid jock disses kids, it takes the joy out of liking them. Who ARE these people? Tatiana, I had a similar spring training experience and saw how some players treated fans. I remained at a distance, observing, but was very disappointed. On the other hand–there are many, many goodhearted ballplayers worthy of attention, who have not lost the joy of the game. Maybe we oughta start a card blog about THEM. PS I’m still sending you a bunch of Jeter cards. Just give them to your son without top loaders and whatever happens, happens.

  3. whitesoxcards

    That’s one of the many reasons that I have remained a White Sox fan. White Sox players are some of the most generous players when it comes to fans. Especially with kids. It’s ingrained into their psyche from the moment they sign a contract with the Sox. I even saw Albert Belle sign for kids when he was with the White Sox. He even cracked a smile once in awhile.

  4. lonestarr

    I’m not trying to defend the guy, maybe I’d be really bothered too, had I seen it myself. I’m just saying maybe we shouldn’t automatically assume the worst in a person over one incident. I’m sure you’d probably catch me or anyone else in the world doing that at least occasionally if it were any of us were in that position. People ain’t perfect, and 99% of the world’s population can’t be on and friendly 24/7.

    I dunno though. I might just be trying to fool myself… but I really hate thinking the worst in people.

  5. Thanks for the comments, guys. Maybe I am over reacting. I mean, I can only imagine how many times these guys have had to deal with people being pr*cks to them, so naturally, they have their guard up. I’m not excusing anything, though. They are in the public eye and should learn to deal. Kids look up to these people, and they really aren’t ‘celebrities’. Even Britney Spears, as cracked out as that woman is, even she pays attention to her fans on her worst day.

  6. lonestarr

    Yeah, but she’s an attention whore, lol. She wants the attention. I dunno that most athletes want to do anything more than play their sport and go home and relax… hmm, I might just be onto something there. But that’s for a blog post of my own someday. Maybe… that’s as far as the thought gets. But seriously, I understand what everybody’s sayin’. And ya know, maybe you are right, Tatiana. Maybe I am letting him off the hook too easily.

    I hope the good guys Patricia speaks of always stay good, and that you take something positive out of this rather unpleasant event for yourself, Tatiana.

  7. You could always become an Alexis Gomez super collector. He was a pretty decent guy.

    …and if you stopped collecting Jeter, give the cards to me! 🙂

  8. chemgod

    As an avid auto hound I can tell you first hand, any great player (such as Jeter) doesn’t sign autos at games. The best place to find them is after the game as they leave the locker room (back of Yankee stadium). Hey even your wonderful Jose Canseco denied me at a game even though he was just hanging out near the dugout. It’s all about right plpace right time. Jeter signs, you just have to have to get him when he arrives at the stadium, or when he leaves (sometimes). One of my favorite ones, is I got Clemens to sign something for me as he was paying a bill at the All Star Cafe in NYC. Like I said, right time, right place.

  9. Just to clarify, I wouldn’t expect any particular behavior from players during a game, because they’re at work. Going to and from the locker room etc. is different. chemgod’s statement “right time, right place” seems wise and spot on.

  10. When we were all watching them practice it was a good 2 hours before the game. I don’t see why Jeter couldn’t stop talking to one of his boys about his herpes flair up for 5 min to go greet his fans. The people that make up his salary. Not just him. The entire team was like that, even the not so talented players. Maybe it’s a Yankee thing?
    And I wanted to leave to wait in the back for Jeter, but he left the game in the beginning of the 7th inning, and after what a jerk he was in the beginning, I figured it wasn’t even worth going to try to meet him. So, I stayed and enjoyed the rest of my game. And I am glad, cuz Alexis Gomez on the Marlins is AWESOME!

  11. I think we have a Gomez card from Heritage. Time for a new PC? You might as well keep the Jeter one going—it’s already huge.

  12. Maybe the salaries of teams has a direct proportional relationship with, to use lonestarr’s memorable phrase, what no-good dirtbags they are, and the level of their self-absorption. 🙂 Anyway, spring training has definitely provided some food for thought.

  13. Joe

    Come to the Kearns side. Come.

    Yankees rarely sign unless it is the off season or slow at Spring Training. It is a mentality they have to adopt playing for the biggest team in the biggest market for baseball.Adam Dunn has become more like that the past few seasons as his name has gotten larger. Or maybe Jeter’s herpes were itching something fierce and he had just scratched before coming on the field.

  14. This is a sad story, but the truth is that athletes, including Jeter, can not sign everyone’s ball and wave to everyone who yells their name. Especially prior to a game. That is their time to warm-up and prepare. Does a business man wave and autograph everyone documents before he enters a big meeting?

    Having said that, I wish you would have had a better experience. I am perhaps the biggest Jeter fan there is. In my first trip to Yankee Stadium in 1999 (at the age of 16) I was lucky enough to get Jeter’s autograph during batting practice before the game. I got a nice signature on a ball, and my brother got one on a Jeter card. He must have signed for at least 20 mins, and I was able to get many photos. It was a great memory for me, and I wish yours could have been just as special.

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