The Return of The Infamous Tatiana

Just as I was going to give up on my collection, maybe my love for baseball in general, I stumbled upon a few images at which really got me to think. This is ridiculous. Really. I don’t love baseball because of Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez, or Albert Pujols. I love these players because of this magical game of baseball. These men aren’t what defines this game. They just play it. So, who cares if a few of them are pr*cks every now and then? I’m in it for the game. The atmosphere. The food. 😉
I am still feeling a bit low about my experience last week, so I have decided only to increase my Jeter collections through trades and hand outs. I’m not going to bid randomly on Ebay anymore, or stalk comic shops for any singles of Jeter. I am going to enjoy the cards that I already have because they are mine, and let’s face it, some of them are pretty damn cool! I am not going to find a replacement player to collect. Jeter will always be my player.
When I asked Mario how he could stay so committed to a player that he not only knew was a complete jerk,  but a cheater as well; he told me, “I kept collecting because it was something that I began and I knew I had to finish. And even though I knew he was a pr*ck, he was a good player. I took a break from collecting for about 5 years, but I held on to my faith and began collecting again. I kept my faith, and when I finally met him, I was glad that I did.” If Mario can have faith and stand by a man he knows is no good (on so many different levels), then I am thinking I should give Jeter another chance(still on time out from purchasing, but definitely open to trades!). Who knows, maybe all I need to do is be alone with Jeter to see what Mario was able to see in Jose.
I’m not sure if that time will ever come, but all I really have to do is just have faith.

Now, with all that being said, here are my newest additions. It’s been awhile so please forgive me, I have forgotten who they are from, but I know most are from a trade, a few are from Ebay, and the latest Star Quest is from Officer27$. Thanks, everyone!



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3 responses to “The Return of The Infamous Tatiana

  1. Been collecting Jose since 1989 and I don’t have a single printing plate. Also, it took me 19 years for an autograph. You have two in your first 3 months.

  2. darkship

    Glad you are back!! I miss reading your stuff, even if it is about a Yankee! I would love to find some comparible stuff of my fav player too!! Let me know if you run across any George Brett goodies!

  3. houstoncollector

    Glad you enjoyed the cards I sent, Tatiana. 😉

    I still have to scan the ones you guys sent me, just have been so freaking busy.

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