Extreme Dry Spell

As of late, I have been experiencing an extreme dry spell. Well, not really much of a dry spell, A dry spell in the sense that I haven’t received anymore Jeters, but I have plenty to write about. My dilemma is time. At work, I have been swamped as of late, and then when I come home, my husband hogs the computer. So, when can I really sit back and take a moment to share my thoughts with you guys?
I have all these feelings burning inside me. Like my opinion on how Miller may get sent down to the minors, while Maybin may get pulled back up, or my thoughts on the fools that all spazed out when Beckett busted a box and pulled two 1/1’s. Or how about the fake patch makers that use a patch of the Stanley Cup for baseball?
I finally have a moment this morning, only a moment, so I figured I would take that time and write a little something. Hopefully, I will be able to get something in while I am at work today, but if not, expect to see nothing from WaxHeaven this evening, because I am kickin’ him off the computer!



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4 responses to “Extreme Dry Spell

  1. Damn it, I need a laptop. 🙂

  2. lonestarr

    I’ll be sending my Jeters soon hopefully.

  3. darkship

    Hey Thanks for the Infamous Tatiana card. Got it yesterday! Boot Mario off more often love reading your stuff!

  4. yankeefan063

    Nice Zim Mag!

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