Infamous Tatiana Sticks Foot In Mouth

Okay, okay, okay. I may have jumped the gun a bit when I dissed my man Jeter because he blew me off at the Spring Training game last month. Everyone is entitled to a bad day, and maybe I just didn’t understand that. Or maybe I was just angry that the one time I am actually able to meet Jeter, it’s his earned day of being antisocial. Bottom line is, I was wrong. He isn’t just some cold hearted pr*ck that is just in it for the money. It took browsing through today to really open up my eyes and prove that to me. Call it a rude awakening or maybe it was just a cold hard slap in the face, but I have genuinely snapped out of my hatred for Jeter with this single photograph.
I even started feeling the thirst for newly purchased Jeters on Ebay, and if it wasn’t for the fact that I am due to fly up to Chicago next month, I would definitely splurge. (Come on people, I have a CUBS game to go to!)
So, Jeter, if you have ever stumbled upon my site and have read the horrible things that I have said; please believe that I am sorry for doubting your sincerity.


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One response to “Infamous Tatiana Sticks Foot In Mouth

  1. lonestarr

    OMG take me with you!

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