So, It Looks Like I’ll Be Sportin’ An Astros Cap

For once, I cursed Andrew Miller’s name as I watched the Marlins lose against the Astros this evening. Normally, I would have remained pretty positive through out the game and would have kept my fingers crossed, but you could tell it was over after the 3rd inning and there was more on the line this time, other than just losing a game.
For some reason, the Anonymous Astros Fan made a wager and Mario simply couldn’t refuse. I guess this is why women are smarter. We are more cautious and know when something is worth risking. Luckily, I won’t lose much through this wager, aside from my pride and dignity. This friendly bet stated that if the Florida Marlins won tonight Mario and I get to hand-pick a Florida Marlins high-end baseball card from A.A.F’s very own collection, BUT if the Marlins lose and Houston wins….
Long story short, there is a Houston Astros hat coming in the mail for me to model, be photographed in, and shamed in forever at Wax Heaven. Yippee! Hopefully, it’s not a rainbow colored Astro’s hat from the 80’s. That would just be cruel and unusual punishment!
As angry and disappointed as I am, I don’t blame Andrew Miller directly for this loss. I blame Fredi Gonzalez and anyone else responsible for making Miller a starting pitcher. I don’t think he should go back to the minors. He could have easily built up his confidence being a relief pitcher for the Marlins. Bad decisions, bad decisions….

Ah well, we live, we learn, we lose bets, and The Infamous Tatiana pays the consequences! Boo!

Me, when I had faith and was hopeful.
Stupid, naive Tatiana!


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One response to “So, It Looks Like I’ll Be Sportin’ An Astros Cap

  1. Ross Anderson

    I’m afraid this last game will force me to remove Miller from my fantasy team. At least Max Scherzer or Homer Bailey won’t kill my ERA like this guy. It’s bad enough that I have Rich Hill. UGH

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