The Jose Canseco Food Craze Is Haunting Me!

First, was the nearly 20 year old chocolate that nearly made me flip my lid. I eventually got over it, but let’s just say I won’t go anywhere near my freezer….
Now yesterday I get home from work and notice there are two packages in the mail. Both were addressed to my husband, so I tossed them to the side and went out to do some shopping. While I am rummaging through the sales section at Target, I get a phone call. “Hey Babe, guess what?!” Mario exclaimed. He then told me how Cardboard Junkie had sent him some Bazooka gum that came with a baseball card. ‘Cool?’ I thought, not putting two and two together.
When I arrived home, my jaw hit the floor when I saw this “gum”. By the time I got there, the box was open and it looked like it was missing a couple of pieces of gum. (I wouldn’t put it passed Mario to try some) Jose Canseco was on the cover. Young as ever! “How old is this thing?!” Mario flipped the box and made a scared grin. “20 years old!” I nearly fainted. “Are your readers trying to kill you?!?”
I guess CardJunk though it would be funny if I had a heart attack. 😦
Well, Mario being Mario, he wanted to open every piece of gum and read the little comics. He figured it would be fine. Gum doesn’t spoil, does it? Well, maybe after 20 years….
Each piece of gum had a white film in crested on it, as well as black spots of mold covering each side. Not to mention, it was hard as a rock. Who needs a tazer gun when you have these razor sharp 20 year old pieces of gum?
I somehow talked Mario into only keeping the comics he liked and the box, sans the moldy gum. So, atleast I only have one moldy substance in the house.
Thanks for the scare, Cardboard Junkie…. And no more food products!!!! Gross….

May not look as bad as 19 year old chocolate, but don’t be fooled!


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