London’s First Ball Game

Last Wednesday, when having a conversation with one of Ozzie Canseco’s teammates, we were let in on a little secret. Ozzie’s play offs were to be held the following Tuesday. (This evening) We decided to make this evening into a family night, and we took little London along for the game. I’ll tell ya one thing, for a two year old, he was very well behaved. All he wanted to do was explore and play, and for while we were all playing catch together. It was wonderful for me, as a mother, to see my little monkey having so much fun! Especially when he was having fun doing something I enjoy!
Mario was being the typical dad and snapping one million photos… of the same shot! We did capture some great ones, and I just HAD to share them with you guys. My little man looks just like a pro ball player! In these photos, he completely fills the roll of the pitcher. He has the stance, the position, and the arm. I think he’ll make a great pitcher when he is a bit older.
You guys be the judge!

Grinning as he is about to throw the ball

Ready to make his pitch

The Madison Bumgardner face!

The release

As soon, as this little one gets better with a bat, we are going to stick him in a mini league. The younger they get started, the better they will be. Keep your fingers crossed and get ready to include London Christopher baseball cards into your collections!



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3 responses to “London’s First Ball Game

  1. whitesoxcards

    You weren’t kidding, he looks like a great prospect with excellent form. Just remember to let him have fun when he gets into mini league. 🙂

  2. He was a brat that evening, but a cute brat…

  3. He was only a brat because he wanted to keep playing and running around.

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