If This Is What Happens When You Lose….

Then I want to lose more often!
As you may remember, I posted a blog a few days ago about how I would be wearing an Astros cap because of some bet Mario decided to make involving April 12th’s game against the Astros. Marlins win, we get a sweet pick of any card from Anonymous Astros Fan’s collection. Marlins lose, I get stuck wearing an Astros cap and having my image tarnished on Wax Heaven for life! Thanks to Andrew Miller being our pitcher on the rotation for that game….
How I became the loser, I am not sure, but at this point… I don’t even care! I am so happy I’d even wear this dumb Astros cap to a Marlins game! Crap…. I probably shouldn’t put that in writing. Needless to say, we received AAF’s package in the mail which contained the Astros hat, but that’s not all this package held inside! Weighing at 9.5lbs, this package encased well over 45 baseball cards; 22 of them being Derek Jeter! AAF, you are the best punisher EVER!

2007 Goudey(Green Print)
2007 Allen and Ginter
2007 Allen and Ginter Ad Back
2007 Allen and Ginter Black
2007 Goudey(Red Print)
2007 Goudey No. 266
2007 Goudey No. 232
2007 Fleer Ultra
2007 Triple Threads Sapphire
2000 Ovation

2007 Bowman Gold
2000 Ovation
2007 Topps
2007 Fleer Ultra
2007 Triple Threads Gold
2006 SP Authentic
2006 Bowman Chrome Black
2006 Bowman Chrome
2008 UD Series 1

2008 Topps
2007 Topps Bush/Mantle
2008 Topps Heritage Chrome

A special thanks to AAF for rewarding my husband and I so well, even though the Marlins lost. You truly are one of a kind, and this one’s for you!


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